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December 11, 2023

Fire Pit Rocks in Fort Lauderdale


August 24, 2022

Ain't That Cozy

That's some tuchus. 
Like two peas in a pod!  ;-)

(Credit Photo: Dossy Blumenthal)


June 3, 2022

Smiley Pillow

Nice homey smiley pillow.

If he's happy then I'm happy!  ;-)

(Credit Photo: Andy Blumenthal)


June 23, 2016

Bird In The Bush

Thought this was an absolutely amazing and spellbinding photo of a bird peeking out from a bush.

I've never actually seen anything like this captured up close like this. 

The bird seemed to cooperate.

It reminds me of a baby gestating in it's mother's womb, so content, so sheltered. 

Not quite ready to come out into the real world, but snug in place, yet observant.

Too soon to be contemplating next steps in the complex world outside its immediate cozy shelter. 

Perhaps, there is a part of us that craves that simplicity, innocence, and existence sheltered from all the bumps and bruises.

Oh, to have such peace of mind and spirit, absent heart-wrenching day-to-day dilemmas we face.

Like a bird nestled in a bush looking out with that simple wonder and purity of life itself. 

(Source Photo: The Highly Talented, Rebecca Blumenthal)


December 1, 2015

Awesome Northeast Fall Season

Just wanted to share this awesome photo that my beautiful daughter, Michelle, took this last week. 

I love how it vividly captures the Fall colors, the falling leaves, and the changing seasons. 

The bridge seems to magically span the lush green before with the orange and tan hues of the after all under a clear light blue sky. 

The scene definitely looks like a cozy and happy time and place I want to be in. ;-)

(Source Photo: Michelle Blumenthal)