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August 12, 2011

Helmet Hair--Thanks Borat

I'd like to nominate this product for innovation award of the week.
The UK DailyMail (12 August 2011) has an article about a Kazakhstan company that has invented "helmet hair"--a line of motorcycle hard hats that looks like a very real head of hair.

They have helmets that look like men, women, and bald guys.

There are way crazier helmets--like the one that looks like a tush (and even one with a breast), a cracked walnut, a watermelon, a globe, a tennis ball, a golf ball, and let's not forget the eight ball helmet.

While I appreciate the creativity of the marketing agency Good! that came up with these, I do worry about a couple things:

1) A police officer will pull someone over for riding without a helmet, even though they are really riding with a helmet (but you just can't tell with the look of a head of hair on it).

2) Other drivers and pedestrians will get distracted by these zany helmets and zig-zag or walk into traffic and have an awful accident.

Ever since Borat's trip to the United States in 2006 to make a mockumentary comedy film and learn about our culture, I've wandered what he has been busy with back home in his native land and when he would once again come back and visit us in the U.S...I believe this must be his big return. :-)

(Source Photo: here)