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September 9, 2012

Cries In The Night

Last night, we heard screaming. 

We were woken out of our sleep, by a blood-curdling cry.

I ran to the window to see what was going on, but the street seemed empty.

There was yelling mostly from what sounded like a young man--or boy.

He was saying things like "get away from me."

That turned into "don't hurt me."

Which ended in "H~E~L~P!  Somebody call the police. He's beating me..."

The police came quickly, yet we still heard the craziness.

"He abuses me. He beats me." and then "He tried to throw me off the terrace."

The boy was literally begging the police to take the man to jail.  

He seemed completely traumatized--unreconcilable--and kept repeating himself again and again. 

Until finally everything went abruptly silent and "the show was over," but the impact lingered in the warm, humid air of the night. 

People disagree, argue, and fight--they are only human; not every moment can be a "Leave It To Beaver" hour--loving and copasetic.

We all understand that the pace of life and stress gets to people and sometimes, they say and do things, they do not mean or intend--and some which they do, but that they are sorry for afterwards. 

Again, people are "only human"--or as we learned in Jewish day school, there are no angels here on this earth. 

But the blood curdling cries we heard last night, left us up, sitting and holding each other--and trying to make sense of it all. 

There is too much suffering out there--some of it we hear, some of it we don't, and some of it we tune out and ignore. 

As a child, I learned that the prayers of the community rise up together to beseech G-d almighty for his mercy and blessing. 

Sometimes, I wonder, whether the cries of anguish of the people who are hungry, sick, raped, and abused, also rise up in the same way--as one "communal" single cry for help or more as a chorus of people in need.

In the dark, at night, everything somehow seems worse, and while I tried to explain to the kids what this world is about...sometimes, it is hard to understand or even attempt to explain. 

Are these things tests, challenges, opportunities for growth, or punishments--only G-d really knows. 

But hearing (and seeing) people "losing it"--and their pain that you can hear mostly only in the dark of night--can put doubts and fears about the cruelty of some human beings into any soul.

These are memories that etch into our very consciousness--scaring and maiming, but hopefully also leaving us to appreciate every peaceful and loving moment bestowed on us.

(Source Photo: here with attribution to PalmSpringsDude)