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March 11, 2016

613 In Miniature

So this is my fifth month in a row now posting about the holy 613 (number of commandments in the Torah). 

This time my daughter sent me this photo from this afternoon. 

Do you see the 613 in the middle (I almost missed it)?

She actually saw this on a city bus--it was on the vertical cord you pull to request a stop--and it was tiny.

But there it was--calling us out to have absolute faith in the Almighty above. 

As it happens, I saw another 613 this month--again out of nowhere. 

I was talking to a colleague in the office. 

He was wearing his badge--I think off to the side of his belt. 

And when I looked down for a moment, the number of the badge was glaring out 613. 

I thought for a second to take a photo, but this obviously wouldn't have been appropriate. 

It's just too weird at this point...

613 everywhere...and we are all seeing it.  

Mass psychosis, no.

Living in the time of the Messiah, hopefully.

Message to have faith, absolutely.

Please G-d, it should all be for the good. 

Shabbat Shalom!

Note: If there are any Torah scholars out there that can help interrupt these 613 sightings--would greatly welcome your comments for blessings. 

(Source Photo: Rebecca Blumenthal)