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November 29, 2009

A Young Adult Chooses To Give Rather Than Take

Here is a poem written by a young adult who was recently confronted
with a difficult choice - whether to go on a fancy trip to Europe or
Peru, costing thousands of dollars but promising "the time of your
life," or to spend a week participating in a Habitat for Humanity
project, and giving back to those in need.

I am humbled and inspired by her words and her choice.
In terms of tikkun olam (repair of the world - a Jewish term for an
individual's purpose in life), this is a great lens with which to view
many of the choices we have day in and day out. Our investments in
people and those less fortunate are often the best ones that we can
make - and those with the highest return, personally and for the
organizations we represent.

"What is a Good Feeling?"
A dream maybe that looks me in the eye,
I try to catch it but it just flies by,
A short second ago there was my chance,
I was even just about ready to dance.
The question is always asked: why not me?!
Why can’t I be lucky!
The sun, the moon, the stars,
Waken me up oh mars.
Shine that light on me,
Guide me to what is happy,
Pearl, silver, and even gold,
It’s now time to think beyond what is displayed and told.
Look beyond the light,
Into the darkness of the night,
Like others, it is even hard for me,
When I even dare to see reality.
The million-dollar beach home,
The shape of a dome,
An in-door pool,
Oh how mighty and cool.
Pshh, ya right!
Just look at MOST people’s plight,
People losing jobs here and there,
This is in no way fair.
Millions of citizens living on the streets,
On disgusting benches supposed to be used just for seats,
It’s time to wake up and see,
People don’t live all rich and fancy.
It’s time to open our eyes,
We shouldn’t live lies,
I want to step closer to reality,
I’m at the right age to learn more about actuality.
I want to help others,
I want to give to families: fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers
I want to put smiles on children’s faces,
I want to leave some of my traces.
Traces of charity,
What a rarity,
I want to be one who gives and not takes,
For once in my life I am positive that this won’t be a mistake.
This choice is the right,
And I say this with all force and might,
It’s without doubt a chance to make a difference,
This surely makes the most sense.