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March 31, 2013

Searching For Cybersecurity Warriors

For those interested in the field of cybersecurity, I wanted to share some useful websites that I've come across: 

1) Cybersecurity Training and Competitions

Cyber Aces--provides cyber training and competitions for high school and college students, including:

Cyber Foundations: For high school students, you can visit the online Cyber Centers and learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity, including modules in networking, operating systems, and systems administration and then take cyber quizzes to compete for honors, awards, scholarships, and even corporate internships. 

Cyber Quests: For college students, you can take "cyber quests" or online competitions associated with the U.S. Cyber Challenge, to demonstrate knowledge of infrastructure security, digital forensics, vulnerability analysis, packet capture analysis, and more. Winners can get an invitation to Cyber Camps for specialized advanced training. 

2) Information Assurance Scholarships

The Department of Defense has a generous Information Assurance scholarship program where recipients generally work as a full-time DoD employee for one year for each year of scholarship received. 

Similarly, the National Science Foundation offers scholarship where recipients work for a federal agency in the Federal Cyber Service (Cyber Corps) upon graduation. 

These are some amazing training and scholarship opportunities to ready the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. 

In a 2012 movie that I was watching recently called "Abducted," the main character tells the others with whom she is being held hostage that they need to fight their way out, and she exhorts them to have "No fear, no excuses, just results"--this is what we need in cybersecurity today! ;-)

(Source Photo: Andy Blumenthal)