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July 29, 2012

Jelly Fish, I Got One

This guy was terrific.

We were at Chesapeake Beach on the Bay.

There was a sign warning of jelly fish.

Unfortunately, this place didn't have a net.

This man actually caught one. 

And here he is displaying it on a branch. 

Afterwards, he goes over to what appears to be his mother and shows it to her. 

She looks at it with a funny scrowl, then moved in for a little closer look.

The jelly fish ended up falling unto some sea shells and then he retrieved it--all covered in these pieces and shards. 

Then back in to the, two, three.  

It was fun watching this scene, as well as a woman playing catch with her dog in the surf, a couple of teenagers collecting sea shells, and the beach patrol doing their thing. 

The jelly fish kept us out of the water--for the most part--but it didn't keep us from having a nice time. 

(Source photo: Andy Blumenthal)