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October 4, 2021

Street Ballet

Don't see this in a parking lot every day!

(Source Video: Andy Blumenthal)


April 9, 2021

Shabbat Shalom From Dancer

 (Credit Photo: Andy Blumenthal)


September 3, 2012

Holocaust, Still a Nightmare In Our Souls

This is an amazing video of the horrors of the Holocaust expressed through modern-day Israeli Rap music and ballet interpretation.

The video is to the violin accompaniment of a broken and wrenching tune of Adon Olam--a prayer in which we recognize the almighty--"When all shall end, He alone, shall reign supreme--He was. He is. He shall be. In glory."

The main part of the video starts at 0:45.

The singer asks: "Why exterminate childrens' dreams, adults' memories?"

As he raps, we shall not forget--"A big scream...It is stuck inside me. Six million! burned in my memory."

Again asked: "Who has the right to extinguish a culture?"

With Iran--the free world is threatened again.

Now we must "not to be afraid, to stand up!"

And "to live in dignity and to die in dignity."

May G-d remember the souls of those murdered for merit and have mercy on mankind.

The children of David be strong--"The path to heaven is 'survival.'"

"Dust to dust, our souls go to heaven."