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June 27, 2022

Nice Vase

Looks like this vase came straight from the Holy Land. 

Tall and slender. 

Very beautiful!  ;-)

(Credit Photo; Andy Blumenthal)


June 24, 2021

Ever Sit On A Cow

Ben and Jerry's has great ice cream and an earthy, peaceful decor. 

This cow comes with child's seat is a good use of the store's "real estate."

Both country fresh milk from the cow and a kid-friendly environment too.  ;-)

(Credit Photo: Andy Blumenthal)


February 14, 2014

She's Got Bling

My daughter, Rebecca is usually very earthy. 

However, I convinced her to get these "bling" sneakers from Guess. 

It was out of her usual comfort zone, but it took her about 3 minutes to admit it--she loves 'em!

Good job Daddy. ;-)

(Source Photo: Andy Blumenthal)