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July 22, 2012

Happy Mr. Smiley Rock

Remember the Pet Rock--someone made millions of dollars selling lonely people a rock with instructions for care.

Playing around on the computer this evening, I crafted a new character.

Meet Mr. Smiley Rock. 

He tough as a rock, handsome with his lovely hair, and dashing with a smile that's ear to ear. 

I started with a picture of a rock that I noticed when hiking. 

The rock had leaves at the top that made it look like hair to me (I know crazy, huh). 

I thought to myself take the photo and then when I am back, I can just add a smiley face and voila--it'll come alive. 

I found this cute smiley face balloon online and created this mashup. 

I showed it to my wife who gave it her expert blessing. 

Now, I share it for your enjoyment and critique. 

Hey, what are weekends for if not a little fun and creativity?

(Source Photo of Smiley Balloon: here and adapted with my photo of the rock with leaf hair)