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March 24, 2013

Twitter's Vine Is DOA

So I tried out Twitter's new Vine App--and it is a thoroughly mind numbing experience. 

There is an old saying that "wine is fine, but liquor is quicker," in this case the only thing that will put you under the table more quickly than Vine is some hard liquor.

You hold your finger to your screen and take 3 short video clips and Vine splices it together sequentially into a 6-second video that loops over and over again. 

As you scroll your feed in your Vine, every time you come to the next video, it comes alive in these short meaningless bursts, and then goes into its crazy loop until you scroll down to the next annoying video clip. 

When Twitter decided to put an end to its blog, Posterous, that it purchased just a year earlier, I thought that they had gone off the rails.

Now that I see they have replaced any semblance of thinking and sharing through blogs with loop-the-loop 6-second video feeds of babies crying and dogs asking to be taken for a walk, I know someone at Twitter must seriously be on the bottle. 

There is a 6 second video for Twitter that says you've lost your minds. ;-)

(Source Photo: here with attribution to Robert Michalove)