November 15, 2015

Beautiful And Serene Hiking Sunday

So after lunch out, we went for a little hike at Lake Needwood. 

Today was absolutely beautiful.

The sun was shining bright and emanating warmth, but the air was cool with a breeze--that is the best of all worlds. 

The path was quiet and serene except for some occasional bikers yelling, "On your left"--might as well have said get the h*ll out of the way--one bike, two bikes, three bikes...okay done. 

Dossy and I held hands like newlyweds and just walked and talked along the trail. 

The daily stress and worries seeping out and away--and I am just floating with a renewed peacefulness and gratitude to Hashem.

Thank you all merciful G-d for granting us peace--one of the greatest of all blessings--may it spread around the world and last for all eternity! ;-)

(Source Photo: Andy Blumenthal)

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