February 27, 2015

Title To The Holy Land

We came across a horrible piece of anti-Israel propaganda in the Washington, D.C. Metro this afternoon, right before Shabbat, and ahead of the AIPAC conference next week.

See on the left/middle, the picture of the pro-Palestinian advertisement that falsely claims that Israel stole the Palestinian's land.

When in fact, it was Israel who was promised the Holy Land in the Bible, and it was Israel (see map of the Twelve Tribes of Israel on the right) who settled the land already more than 2,000 years ago!

Interesting that the ad questions, "Does Israel want peace or land?" when it is precisely terrorist organizations like Hamas and Islamic Jihad (to name just a few) that:

-  Shoot thousands of missiles indiscriminately into Israeli population centers.

- Build terror tunnels to abduct Israeli citizens and conduct murderous rampages in it's cities.

- Send suicide bombers onto Israeli commuter buses and into pizzerias, cafes, and discotheques. 

There can be real peace--hopefully in our time--with a two-state solution once the Palestinians finally accept one and stop wanting to murder and drive the Jews into the sea! 

(Source Photo: Andy Blumenthal)

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