December 22, 2013

No Parking, Not Even One Minute

This was a hilarious no parking sign 

It is leaning up again the wall and not even hung. 

There is lots of emotional detail:

- "All area" 

- "Even one minute"

- "Even [if] stores closed"

- "Even [if] come to pick up to go - carry out"

- "24 hours 7 days"

- "You will be towed immediately"

- "Fee 50-150" (with the $ at the end...oops)

Then hand drawn is a:

Picture of elephant towing a car away (not sure why the car looks like it's smiling).

And a tow truck whooshing a car away with a special note reminding you that "Tow truck is hiding around the area"

While not he most eloquent sign, it is definitely expressive, creative, and effective.

No way would I park there!  ;-) 

(Source Photo: Dannielle Blumenthal)

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