July 2, 2011

Technology, Just Eat It

What is with the iPhone and food?
Yesterday, one of my dear wonderful relatives showed me a blog with a recipe and pictures for the iPhone cake from the end of last year.

Like who would think of eating an iPhone--even as a cake???
Then today, I came across, the iPhone fruit bowl--an iPhone made up of all different colorful fruits posted to YouTube this week.
As I started to get curious about this iPhone food phenomenon, I researched a little further.
Now, I found iPhone cupcakes going back a few years to 2008.
The iPhone was only first released at the end of June 2007, so only about a year after, the iPhone as food started making it's debut.
Then here's another twist on this, an iPhone food-encrusted case "decorated with whipped cream, berries, star-shaped cookie, heart-shaped macaron, ice cream and sliced apple."
So, with the iPhone, what I thought was just an amazing technology, I have come to learn is in just about every sense of the word something to salivate over and when edible--chump away at.
The iPhone not only makes us want to call home, search the Internet, listen to music, watch videos, and go Apps crazy, but also all the while build up a healthy appetite for more amazing technology innovation.
I think I'll have a bit of that iPhone cake now!
Happy 4th to all. :-)



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