November 21, 2014

Homeless At Foggy Bottom

The homeless situation in Washington D.C. (as in other big cities in the U.S.) is horrible and tragic. 

The homeless person here is wrapped in a blanket trying to stay warm on her wheelchair. 

Further, her bucket, at her feet, for people to give is empty. 

The Thanksgiving holiday is this week, but where is the thanks and where is the giving?

Interesting...halfway down the block is GW Hospital and across the street behind this lady is a gorgeous, modern, brand new GW University engineering and science building (almost completed now). 

The haves, the have mores, and the have nots. 

Where are all the trillions of dollars of spending going..,that we can't feed, clothe, shelter, and educate our people. 

We need to do better as a society for providing care for the truly needy.

G-d is watching what we do and what we don't do.

Our test. and the test of our elected officials/leadership--will we/they stand up for those that can't? 

(Source Photo: Andy Blumenthal)



NoFool2 said...
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NoFool2 said...

The President claims to be compassionate in allowing 5M+ illegal aliens to claim America as their home, giving them a right to work and raise their families. How about the US citizens already here that need assistance like this homeless person identified? Mr President, if it's not about the votes, and you're truly compassionate, then use your pulpit to call for homeless reform before inviting non-US citizens to live here with some inevitably joining the homeless population.

NoFool2 said...

Tragic how our President, so "compassionate" in his proclamation to enable 5M+ illegal aliens to become US citizens when Americans like the homeless you point out suffer on our streets without a voice. Is it truly compassionate to bring more un- and under-employed people into our society when our own citizens are suffering as much or more. "It's all about the Base, 'bout the Base" (of voters)