July 8, 2012

Nature Lover

This was a nature picture that I took today while on a little hike in a local park in Maryland.

I like the perspective of this picture and the depth that captures the trees, rocks, water, foliage, and even a walking bridge. 

It was 100 degrees today and we were pretty sweaty making our way through the winding paths, but it was worth it. 

It was absolutely beautiful and peaceful for 99% of the time. 

At one point, we saw some other hikers from a distance and one was literally naked head-to-toe changing their clothes--ah, awkward! 

And no, they are not in the picture. ;-) 

Afterwards, an ice-cold Coke Slurpee from 7-Eleven really hit the spot. 

I feel like a happy camper, thank G-d. 

(Source Photo: Andy Blumenthal)


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