January 19, 2012

How Do You Stop This Thing?

This is an amazing video of Rollerman (Jean Yves Blondeau) in the extreme sport of roller blading horizontally like a rocket ship.

With wheels on his arms, legs, hands, feet, chest and back, I understand that Rollerman can exceed 70 mph!

No wheel on his helmet? Maybe that's for a future stunt...

See him in the video actually passing a driving motorcycle and following after and going under an armored personnel carrier on the go.

Add a little rocket on the back and I see this sport may soon be going cross-country.

Rollerman takes the curves and manuevers around obstacles and essentially clings to the road at these amazing speeds with ease.

His courage and capability is inspiring.

Aside from how does he do it, what I want to know is where are the brakes on this thing? ;-)


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