January 13, 2012

Cool Pants

Outside of Hollywood and the entertainment industry, these are the coolest pants I have ever seen.

Honestly, I've never quite seen any pants like these.

Probably the picture from a smartphone doesn't due these pants justice--and hey, don't forget my bad photography skills. ;-)

But first impression--the 70's look is coming back in 2012.

And while I am certainly no fashion guru, these pants were noticeably overflowing, had a wild circular pattern, a variety of colors and textures, and some heavy duty bell-bottoms.

Most of all, what I think really struck me was how bold these pants were in what's traditionally a pretty conservative city, here in D.C.

While I don't know this lady in the cool pants, I admired her ability to live loudly and capture the moment, unafraid of being who she is or wants to be.


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