May 16, 2009

Building and Rebuilding the World

(Tikkun Olam)

We are placed here on this earth, figuratively in G-d's "hand," and our job is to build (and rebuild) until it's perfect.

This image struck me as a wonderful metaphor for what the essence of enterprise architecture is really all about.

What are your thoughts?


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Michael McDermott said...

This point is very dear to me. My business is Business Architecture and my approach is holistic and adaptive and with a sense of stewardship. When someone has the power to influence the future (EA is a good example), it seems that focusing only on technical enrichment is only part of the equation. There is an interesting group meeting at Case in June. It's called "Business as an Agent of World Benefit" or BAWB (I know, the name is a bit long in the tooth). Here is the LinkedIn: BAWB Global Forum 2009