July 7, 2012

The Winning Move

My daughter sent me this amazing picture portraying how we can "think outside the box." 

How many of us would ever have envisioned this as a possible solution to this age-old children's game? 

Important lesson learned--it's okay to think differently, be creative, even change the rules when you can get a better result. 

Groupthink drives so much--too much--of what we do at work, politically, and more. 

Often, we can do better when we question the status quo and give things a fresh look--without the colored lens on of how things should be, have always been, or need to be done.

With the huge challenges we face as a nation and globally, we need to open ourselves to new solutions to old and emerging problems.  

Like a simple tick-tac-toe game, the winning move may simply be right outside the box. ;-)

(Source Photo: LOL Pics)


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